Good News: Officer Donates Hundreds Of Shoes To Needy Kids


A 28-year veteran of the Dallas Police force has started a program to get shoes on the growing feet of kids in need. Officer Brian Nolff got the idea for it after seeing lots of young kids in the neighborhoods he patrols wearing worn out sneakers as long as possible, even if they don’t fit anymore.

Now, thanks to donations from Dallas businesses, Nolff and his fellow officers are giving out 650 pairs of shoes this summer. And while getting a much-needed pair of kicks is a confidence booster, there’s more to this than footwear. It’s about building relationships with the youth in the community.

"For them to see us in a different light and kind of more relaxed atmosphere was good for them." Nolff says. “I’ll be doing this probably the rest of my career.”

If you would like to get involved with his cause contact Officer Nolff:

Source: WFAA

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