Vegas Thinks LeBron James Signing With Lakers Is A ‘Sure Thing’

Even the slightest of NBA fans have been following the big story of the offseason—and that is where will LeBron James be taking his talents next.

If he is even taking them anywhere.

That’s because the latest stories seem to point to that the best player in basketball is letting his better half have a much larger say in what has become called “Decision 3.0.”

And she wants him to stay sign in one of the two cities where they already have a home what with LeBron’s oldest starting high school.

And, Sorry Philly and Houston, but those two cities are Los Angeles and Cleveland.

And while most reports out of the NBA say LeBron has yet decide, the reports out of Vegas say differently.

At least according to OddsSharkwho list the Lakers as the overwhelming favorites to sign LeBron at -325—meaning you need to risk 325 bucks just to win 100.

And to put that in perspective, Cleveland is second best at plus 325—meaning you need only risk 100 to win 325.

Then come the Rockets at +750 and the 76ers at +1000.

It varies from ook to book but the overwhelming favorites across the board are the Lakers.

Looks like when it comes to this bet, Vegas is putting Lady Luck behind Lady LeBron.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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