Heather Locklear Arrested & Hospitalized Again


Things are not going well for Heather Locklear. As we told you before, she was arrested for battery on a police officer on Sunday. The cops showed up at Locklear’s home and booked her on two counts of misdemeanor batter on an officer and an EMT.

For the record, it’s her second arrest for battery of deputies. She was reportedly drunk and agitated and punched the officer who attempted to separate her from her family. When the paramedics put her on the gurney, she kicked one of the emergency personnel. They took her to the hospital for evaluation and then to jail where she was booked. She was held on $20-thousand dollars bail. 

Heather made bail and went home. Hours later, she allegedly overdosed. Cops and paramedics rushed to her home and an ambulance took her to the hospital. An insider said that her condition is stable and she’s getting the necessary treatment.

Source: Page Six

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