Meghan Markle Can’t Eat This In Public Anymore

Now that Meghan Markle is settling in as the Duchess of Sussex, she’s expected to follow all the rules that come with being a royal. And there’s one that may be tough for the self-described foodie: the royal family isn’t supposed to eat garlic while traveling.

It seems Queen Elizabeth has a “distaste” for garlic, with royal chef Darren McGrady admitting, “The Queen would never have garlic on the menu.” But it’s not the personal tastes of her royal highness that are stopping the garlic, it’s a much more practical reason – to avoid bad breath.

Of course, Meghan is free to eat anything she chooses in private, but while on the road or eating in public, she’s supposed to be garlic-free, too. And it may take some getting used to, but being Prince Harry’s bride seems like a fair trade off.

Source: Food and Wine

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