Georgia QB Suffers Broken Hand In 'Freak' Accident


Hope you had a safe and enjoyable fourth of July because I can tell you who did not.

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Jake Fromm.

Turns out Fromm only had an enjoyable one spending the day on a boat with friends and doing a little wakeboarding.

Problem is, that is how he apparently broke his RIGHT hand.

And if the person next to you is breathing a sigh of relief after I said that, it’s because he is a Bulldogs fan who knows that Fromm is left handed.

In the incident in question, Fromm apparently was riding in the back of a boat when one of his friends was trying to get up on the water while wakeboarding.

That’s when the rope that was holding up his friend snapped and smacked Fromm in the hand causing it to break.

This is the second time this summer Fromm has been injured as he had to go to the hospital after a fishing accident in recent months.

Maybe this guy should stay away for the water.

Source: Sporting News

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