Cardinals Prospect Casually Catches A Bird While Walking Off Field


We interrupt all of these stories about athletes flipping the bird at angered fans for this story about a player who actually did the opposite.

Catching a bird as the crowd goes wild.

That would be pitcher Jesus Cruz of the Cardinals minor league affiliate Peoria Chiefs who had an interesting July 4.

Watch as the prospect is walking off the mound after getting pulled from his start, he was approached by a feathered friend. That’s where things got interesting.

Cruz reached out with his pitching hand to catch the bird, who then fell to the ground. Cruz then reached down to pick the bird up, put it in his glove, and appeared to say a little prayer. Finally, Cruz placed the bird on top of his head, where it briefly remained before hopping off onto the ground.

Not surprisingly the video you are about to see was posted in a TWEET.

Sorry, had to be said.

Source: Sportsnaut

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