"Flip Or Flop" Star To Open Rehab Centers


Christina El Moussa is taking her rebuilding skills to another level. She recently announced that she was going to partner with her friend, Cassie Zebisch, and her pastor, Tim Storey, to open drug and alcohol rehab centers next year. 

The “Flip or Flop” star says she’s inspired by the guidance she got from Tim during her darkest days. “Everyone’s been there,” she explains. "Everyone’s had a setback, but it’s how you move forward and what you do with your future. That’s what matters."

The former Mrs. Tarek El Moussa said, “When I met Tim, we realized there was an opportunity for us to change people’s lives. I love to fix up a house, but I also love to help people. I feel like that’s my calling.”

Source: People

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