Jaguars RB Fournette Pays Tuition Of LSU Student Athletic Trainer

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette signed a rookie contract worth $27-million last summer—and it looks like he’s already investing it.

In his former school.

This after the former LSU star saw this tweet from Tigers student athletic trainer Jhane Nichol asking for help with tuition and a link to her GoFundMe page asking:

“I have 2 come out of pocket to pay for my senior year. It’s 10k for the entire year! I currently work 2jobs for the other 5k! $1, $5 ANYTHING HELPS! I’ve come too far to stop here! Thank you everyone! Plz RT!”

And if you’re wondering what that link is don’t bother—because Fournette himself responded to her tweet with one sentence:

“Looka my dawg, DM me yo(ur) number I’ll pay the rest for you”

And it turns out Nichol really is his “dawg.”

"She was my trainer at LSU. She took care of me," Fournette said. "She is from my hometown. Why not? A little giveback to where I'm from. I feel like everybody needs that chance to do something they want to do in life."

Wow, no wonder this guy is such a great fantasy back—because what he just did is unreal.

Source: ESPN

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