WATCH: Angler Freaks Out When Shark Attacks Her Fish


You know what they say about fishing.

And I don’t mean the stupid things that you’ll see on tee shirts and bumper stickers like “size matters,” “Fishermen work with nets,” and my favorite from Minnesota—"I pull fish from my Ice Hole.”

No, I mean actual fisherman who will tell you, “the bigger the bait, the bigger the catch.”

Which is why when Lexis Chancey—who is the 20-year-old daughter of Ben Chancey of the online fishing show "Chew On This”—used the big bonito fish she caught unknowingly as bait for a second larger fish

This Bull Shark.

Watch as one minute the bonito leaps in the air and is scarfed up by the shark as the young Chaney shrieks with anything but delight.


Keith and Tony


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