Good News: Officers Show Kindness To Family With Autistic Daughter

The Frederick family was visiting the Discovery Place museum in Charlotte, North Carolina when their autistic daughter Shealyn got separated for the family. They found her and then went to a local restaurant to grab a bite. That’s when the opportunity for a teaching moment for the girl happened.

Cindy Frederick, her husband, Shealyn and the girl’s twin sister, also with special needs, saw a group of police officers come into the eatery. Cindy asked if one of the officers would take a photo with the girl, so the mom could use it to explain about police to the girl, kind of like a flash card. It helps make it more real. She thought it was important to explain if she got lost, like she did earlier, she could trust the police to help her.

One was happy to, then went to a table with his co-workers and ate. When the Frederick’s went to pay the bill for their meal, they were told the men in blue had taken care of the check. Cindy said on Facebookthat “This really moved me to tears because there is so much negativity about police officers these days and all you see on the news is bad stuff, but these cops had a great big heart.”

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department shared Frederick’s Facebook post with the caption, “A great story about great cops!”

Source: Fox News

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