Good News: Pennsylvania Mom Feeds Hungry Kids In Her Community

Nilsa Adorno has the same routine for 12 weeks during the summer. She sets up a white tent, stacks prepared boxed lunches, and hands them out at noon. Adorno is giving them to 45 neighborhood children ages one to 16.

Adorno, last year, jumped on board the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s summer meals program as an unpaid volunteer. They are all over the city. The program started almost 45 years ago with a hot soup handout and then it took off.

Community Director Brooke Mullen says “Our sites range from YMCA’s, police stations, and schools, but block leaders like Nilsa, who set up a table in their community, help us reach a group who may otherwise go unserved.”

Adorno, though, adds her own twist by having water fights with the kids and playing. She wants to help them forget their struggle for a little while. She’s happy to make a difference.

Source: Fox News

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