Le'Veon Bell, Steelers Fail To Reach Long-Term Deal By Deadline

The Steelers and running back Le'Veon Bell failed to reach an agreement on a contract extension before yesterday's franchise tag deadline.

But, before you Steelers fans freak out worrying he won’t play for the team this season, relax. Odds are he will just sit out minicamp before reporting for the regular season under the franchise tag.

But if you are expecting him to be your running back in 2019—well, now you can panic.

Because his agent says this likely will be Bell's last season with the team.

"His intention was to retire as a Steeler," Bell’s agent says. "But now that there's no deal, the practical reality is this now likely will be Le'Veon's last season as a Steeler."

But there is a bright side #SteelersNation as Bell tweeted this promise:

“To all my Steeler fans, my desire always has been to retire a Steeler...both sides worked extremely hard today to make that happen, but the NFL is a hard business at times...to the fans that had hope, I’m sorry we let you down but trust me, 2018 will be my best season to date...”

Looks like he his saving his best season for his last, Steelers fans.

Source: ESPN

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