Report: Le'Veon Bell Turned Down 5-Year, $70-Million Deal

By now you already know that the Steelers and running back Le’Veon Bell failed to agree to a long-term deal before Monday's deadline.

And while you know how big a deal this is to the Steelers—as Bell’s agent has since said this will be his last season as a Steeler—we also know how big a deal it almost was.

Because as details continue to emerge, it seems the deal Bell rejected was reportedly worth $70-million dollars over five yearspaying more than $30-million over the final two seasons, $10-million more than what was offered last season.

Bell was instead seeking more in the neighborhood of $17-million per year, which obviously the Steelers were unwilling to offer. He will now earn a paltry $14.5-million while wearing another franchise tag in 2018.

Bell has since vowed to make his 2018 NFL season his best one yet. This is after Bell most likely skips his entire preseason.

And the Steelers are going to give him every chance because let’s face it, if it’s your last year with a car, you’re riding it into the ground.

Source: Sportsnaut 

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