Guy Calls Cops After He Was “Fouled Too Hard” In Basketball Game


We’ve all been there. We’re taking part in some pick-up game of baseball, basketball, football, or whatever, and a couple of players take things to a level that’s not really necessary…and it gets personal. That happened in a gym basketball game, and, fortunately for all of us, someone was there to catch the video.

As the story goes, “the guy in the black shirt” took issue with the rough play of “the guy with two sleeves.” When the two-sleeves guy threw a “hard screen,” the black-shirt guy had enough…and threatened to call the cops. That sounds pretty funny…until the cops physically showed up to handle the non-issue. Above anything, the cop was annoyed at being called out for something so trivial and non-masculine as this. Then, there was Twitter.

  • “Dude should be banned for life from da gym.”
  • “Bruh, when you wear 2 sleeves and a headband for pickup you have to get the assumed blame. That’s how it go.”
  • “Officer…he extended his arms on the screen.”
  • “Today, for the first time in my life, I experience someone call the police because they got fouled hard in basketball.”

No one was arrested, and the game reportedly went on…but it’s safe to say that black-shirt guy won’t be invited back. Yeah, sports can get personal, and a fight can even break out…but this is a clear man-card violation.

Source: Black Sports Online

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