Report: Final Le’Veon Bell Offer Had $10M Fully Guaranteed

Seems like a pair of stories relating to a star on the Steelers were leaked yesterday.

One as flattering as the other was not.

By now you know the story that will make the Steelers shine as it was leaked that star wide receiver Antonio Brown will be the cover athlete for the upcoming standard edition of "Madden 19."

The unflattering story was the fact that the contract that the Steelers offered Le’Veon Bell—that was said to be worth $70-million over five years—was in fact not worth as much as the one he took.

Because the $14.5-million he will make under the franchise tag this season is all guaranteed and that is $4.5-million more than the $10-million that was guaranteed of the five year deal the Steelers offered.

This according to Bell’s agent Adisa Barkari—I told you yesterday to get used to hearing that name—who didn’t say that exact number in a Tuesday radio interview, but did say the total value of the deal didn’t matter nearly as much as how much of the contract was fully guaranteed.

And yesterday we found out from Ian Rapoport, of NFL Media, that the number was in fact the $10-million signing bonus was the only fully guaranteed portion of the contract.

So yeah, why take a guaranteed $10-million over five years when you can make an extra $4.5-million in one—and get the hell away from the people who insulted you with that deal in the first place.

Source: NBC Sports

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