Report: Cohen Alleges Trump Knew In Advance Of Russian Meeting


Did President Trump know about “that” infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting in advance? Depends who you ask. But former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says Trump absolutely knew about the meeting with Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Multiple sources report that Cohen is also willing to spill his guts about it to special counsel Robert Mueller – including the fact that he was present when Donald Trump, Jr told then-candidate Trump about the planned meeting.

According to the story, Cohen said that Trump approved going ahead with the meeting. If true, Cohen's claim would contradict repeated denials by President Trump and his associates that he knew nothing about the meeting until being asked about it a year later.

What does “Team Trump” have to say? That Cohen is “a pathological liar.” Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani tells CNN that Cohen himself has proven his lack of credibility. “He’s been lying for years,” Giuliani offered. “I mean, the tapes that we have demonstrate any number of very serious lies by him back a year and a half ago, including his fooling people, hiding tape recordings, telling them they weren’t recorded, lying to their face, breaking faith with them, taping his client, which is a disbarable offense. I don’t see how he has any credibility.”

Source: Politico

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