LeBron James’ School Is Officially Open


A school funded by one of the best basketball players ever is officially open.

LeBron James helped open the I Promise School (IPS) in his hometown of Akron, Ohio yesterday. The school, which is focused on at-risk third and fourth graders, is made possible by a partnership between the LeBron James Family Foundation and Akron Ohio Public Schools. There are plans to expand the program year by year, (adding second and fifth grades next year) until it’s a first through eighth grade program in 2022. What are kids getting?

  • Students will be served breakfast, lunch and a snack every day.
  • The ratio is 20 students for every teacher.
  • There are 43 academic staffers, including a principal, assistant principal, four intervention specialists, tutor, English as a second language teacher, music instructor and a gym teacher.
  • IPS is a certified STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) school.
  • The school day is long – 9am – 5pm, and so is the school year (it runs from July 30th - May 17th…there’s also a seven-week summer school.

The goal of the I Promise School is to educate kids in the third and fourth grades from challenging situations or backgrounds. "Know no matter if I'm playing in Los Angeles or not,” says LeBron. “Akron, Ohio is always home for me. Always."

Source: USA Today

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