Good News: Teen Saves Man And His Eight-Year-Old Son From Drowning


Jacob Boissonneault has been training as a soccer player with coachDonald Munro for three years now. The 14-year-old from Canada recently went with Munro’s family on a trip to Greig Lake where the coach took a boat out for the teen and his eight-year-old son Cohen to go for a swim.

The waves were pretty big and took Cohen under, so Munro jumped in to save his son, but the strong current made it tough for the two to stay afloat. He called to Jacob to start the boat and despite never having driven a boat before, the teen got it going and drove over to rescue his coach and Cohen. Jacob was able to pull his coach and the kid out of the water and thankfully, no one got hurt.

“I have this little guy that I’ve been mentoring and being his buddy for three years, showing him everything that I know,” Munro explains. “And he turned around and saved my life.”

Source: CTV News

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