Charlie Sheen Says He Can't Pay His Child Support

Charlie Sheen is asking to modify the child support payments he makes to Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller. Why? To be brief, he ain't got it.  

According to court documents, Sheen has been making child support payments of $55,000 a month to Mueller and $20,000 a month to Richards since 2016. He also pays both women 9.5% of his gross annual income from all sources, which are in excess of $2.1-million.

Sheen claims his income has "changed significantly" since this time."I have been unable to find steady work, and have been blacklisted from many aspects of the entertainment industry," he now claims. How bad is it?

  • The documents claim Sheen is in the middle of a "dire financial crisis" with an average monthly income of $2,426...though his last month's income was $37,631
  • Sheen's assets—which include checking and saving accounts, stocks and bonds, and personal and real estate property—total to approximately $5.8-million
  • The documents also show he's been unable to pay for his pool and gardening services at his home in Beverly Hills

His lawyers say he is "willing and able to provide child support" to the petitioners, but not at the level currently required.

Source: ET Online

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