Good News: Five Dollar Debt Repaid 38 Years Later


Decades ago while working as a trooper for Colorado State Patrol, Richard Frank Jr. pulled over a pair of college kids headed west to Los Angeles. They wanted to pay their fine on the spot because school was starting soon, but they came up a little short on cash.

Trooper Frank agreed to help them out by lending them $5 and they wrote out something with his name and address, shook hands and told them they’d send the money to him. That was back in 1980 and the guys just made good on the loan.

A photo was taken of the driver shaking hands with Trooper Frank, but it was lost for 38 years and was just uncovered a few months back. The photographer then reached out to Colorado State Patrol to try to find Trooper Frank and they finally did. He was really touched by the whole thing, saying, “I have this wonderful moment to just … wow, thank you, Lord.”

Source: CBS Denver

Keith and Tony


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