NCAA's Proposed Rules Reportedly Blindsided NBA

Normally the NBA loves a good blindside pass.

But they sure didn’t yesterday when the NCAA pulled off the equivalent. The NCAA's proposed rule changes regarding pro basketball prospects—that both NBA and USA basketball execs say they never saw coming, according to ESPN—shocked both NBA and USA Basketball who say they were blindsided with timing and changes in the NCAA's announcement.

The NBA, USA Basketball and NCAA did meet and discuss these prospective changes, but the NBA and USA Basketball never believed they had come to a consensus with the NCAA on how they would move forward together on the issues, sources said. And then, the announcement of a litany of changes came Wednesday.

"We will review the NCAA's planned reforms and continue to assess, along with our Players' Association, the potential for any related NBA rules changes," NBA spokesman Tim Frank said.

Several NBA officials were surprised over the presumptive and premature nature of the NCAA's rules changes, which assumed that the NBA and NBPA will abandon the one-and-done college rule and allow high school players into the NBA draft. While that appears to be the direction the league and union are headed, discussions are centered on the 2022 NBA draft, the earliest.

Should be interesting to see what Commissioner Adam Silver has to say about this.

Because he will.

Source: ESPN

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