New NCAA Hoops Policy: HS Players Can Hire Agents, Longer Bans

The NCAA unveiled some significant rule changes Wednesday and by significant, I mean overdue.

At least the biggest change—a rule that now allows “elite” high school seniors to hire agents and underclassmen having the ability to return to college if they enter the NBA draft but aren’t selected.

Before that, once a student declared for the draft he lost all NCAA eligibility—whether drafted or not—which is ridiculous.

Not to mention why wouldn’t you allow young player to hire an agent that could help them get legitimate deals with teams and protect them from the seedy characters that have caused so many scandals in the NCAA?

Oh, and speaking of those scandals, the NCAA also took measures to beef up its enforcement of the rulebook by making penalties more severe, adding independent investigators for “complex” cases and allowing NCAA investigators to “accept information established by another administrative body, including a court of law, government agency, accrediting body or a commission authorized by a school.” That change is highly significant, as it appears to work around a long-standing issue with NCAA investigations: the lack of subpoena power.

Other changes made by the NCAA include an overhaul of the college basketball recruiting calendar and a rule requiring coaches and athletics staff to disclose income from “any source outside their school,” such as an apparel company.

Still, the rule allowing agents for young players and allowing athletes to return to college if they are not drafted are certainly a step in the right direction and in the best interests of these young men.

Source: USA Today

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