Raiders Hire First Female Assistant Coach In Franchise History


Seems like the #MeToo movement has hit the NFL.

And by that I simply mean when it comes to NFL front offices, that seems to be the answer to the question of who has a female on the coaching staff.

First it was Jen Walter making her name known as a summer intern for the Arizona Cardinals back in 2015. Then, more recently, the San Francisco 49ers hired Katie Sowers to be one of the first full-time female assistant coaches in NFL history.

And now, say hello to the Oakland Raiders newest strength and conditioning coach, 26-year-old Kelsey Martinez.

“She’s super awesome,” linebacker James Cowser said. “I mean, there’s a reason I went to Tom Shaw in the offseason, right? When I first met her, from the beginning, she opens her mouth, and you instantly know she knows what she’s talking about. It’s the same reaction here with all the guys. At first glance, you’re like, ‘Wow, that’s a woman.’ And then they start talking, and it’s, ‘Oh, that’s a coach.’ You know what I mean? It’s that instant switch of, ‘Oh, that’s interesting,’ to, ‘Oh, I need to get my feet up.’”

Following her hiring, other Raiders assistant coaches went up to Martinez to thank her for acting as a role model for their daughters. Her response was clear, “to be an inspiration for them is huge to me.”

Seems like the phrase “you hit like a girl” is now a compliment in Oakland.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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