Patrick Mahomes Throws A Touchdown Pass 68-Yards IN THE AIR


In case you were wondering—the longest pass in the NFL last season, in terms of yards traveled in the air, was 61.8-yards and was thrown by Jared Goff of the Rams.

Why are we pointing out that traveled through the air part?

For anyone dumb enough to not realize that all of those 80-yard TD passes thrown by former Chiefs starting QB Alex Smith were actually screen passes that traveled 8-yards sideways to Jamaal Chares before he eluded seven tackles en route to a TD run of 70 plus yards.

Which is why he now finds himself throwing screens in DC while the Chiefs rally around the canon of an arm that is second year man Patrick Mahomes.

And Mahomes didn’t disappoint in Thursday night’s 28-14 win over the Falconscompleting 8 of 12 passes for 138-yards—including this 69-yard TD pass that traveled 68.6-yards in the air before Tyreek Hill ran under it and waltzed into the endzone.

Between the speed of Hill and the arm of Mahomes I think these guys should just have a pay called the Incredibles where—just like the movie—Mahomes launches it and Hill just runs under it.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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