The Latest Internet Challenge Is A Boom For Servers

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There’s a new extreme tipping movement going viral on the Internet, and folks are having mixed feelings about it. 

The latest social media challenge folks are accepting has them putting some extra dollars in the hands of well deserving waiters and waitresses. Called the "#TipTheBill” challenge, it encourages folks to do exactly what it says, tip their server the same amount as their restaurant bill, which is 80% more than the recommended 20% most servers hope for.

Servers around the country are sharing their #TipTheBill experiences, showing receipts where patrons have been so generous, with one person noting, “I’d like to thank the internet for the influence!!”

Of course, not everyone thinks the idea of tipping the bill is a great idea. “#tipthebill, while good intentioned, is yet another way food service employers will get away with not paying their waitstaff fair wages,” one person wrote. “And do you think waitstaff is actually receiving all those tips.” While another noted, “#TipTheBill is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Signed, a server who has bills to pay, but who also wants you to have money to pay your own bills.”

Hello loves, This caption tells it all. Paying it forward truly has a domino effect. Kindness and generosity will always come back to you 100% never be afraid to do a nice act. You never know what people are going through or how much youve really helped them. #gemsbyjess

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We out here! 🙂 @kayleamichie #OnlyChallengeWorthIt #TipTheBillChallenge #IWasNotInDuluth

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