Report: Dez Bryant Waiting For Better Offer Than Browns’ $5-Million

Just when it looked like I was wrong and that Dez Bryant and the Cleveland Browns had finally agreed to terms on a deal, Dez reminded us that he is as undisciplined as a person as he is a receiver.

And he left the team’s facility one day later without a contract—because the contract wasn’t enough for Dez.

Yup, despite the lack of suitors in free agency outside of the Browns Bryant nixed a contract with a base value of less than $5- million.

Now is it me or is that not only the best offer he has had in the offseason, it is the only offer he has had.

Still, he turned down an offer from a team that already has younger talent like Jarvis Landry, Josh Gordon and David Njoku meaning he wouldn’t need to be the receiver he once was.

He would just need to show up and be a leader and make a few clutch plays you would expect from a veteran.

Instead, Dez showed behavior you would expect from a child.

For now, Bryant will look for another team, or the Browns to raise their offer and—whether he realizes it or not—it will not be the Patriots.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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