Giants, Odell Beckham Agree To Five-Year, $95-Million Extension


Seems like the New York Giants came to the table just as their star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. came to his senses and months of speculation and suspense ended yesterday when they agreed to a five-year, $95-million extension with $65-million guaranteed.

Now I say “OBJ” came to his senses because part of the stalemate between the two was Beckham Jr., who had made overtures that he had wanted to be the highest paid player in football—meaning he wanted to make about 25-million dollars a year.

Which would be ridiculous given he is nowhere near as valuable to a team as say an Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan or half the QB’s in the league.

But the Giants came to the table with their checkbook and made him the highest paid wide receiver in all off the league—which one could certainly make an argument for—giving Beckham Jr. the hefty $95-million contract.

And that makes the new money average for Beckham about seven million less than he was irrationally asking at about $18-million per season—or one million for every tantrum he throws per season.

Source: USA Today

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