Report: Jen Won’t Let Ben Quit Rehab

Ben Affleck is back in rehab – and sources are saying that this time, Jennifer Garner is making sure he’s in it for the long haul.

Word is, Jen has made it clear to Ben that quitting rehab is not an "option." Not only for the sake of their three kids, but also because she’s "getting tired of having to pick up the pieces every time he relapses."

“Jen knows it’s a sickness, and that Ben himself is a good and loving person," says the insider, "But it’s time for him to get a grip of it once and for all." But more than that? Friends say that Ben and the people around him could also benefit from his sobriety - noting that he's not exactly  fun to be around when he’s drinking.

“Sober Ben is the most amazing, kind, funny and warm person you will ever meet,” the source adds. “But drunk Ben is very dark, and nobody wants to be around that.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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