Trump Warns Evangelicals Of Violence If GOP Loses

Are we looking at “end of days?” In one way, maybe. According to NBC News, President Trump is warning Christian leaders to prepare for violence if Republicans lose in the upcoming election. Trump made the remarks Monday night in a private dinner with conservative Christian leaders. Apparently, they took place outside of those shared by the White House.

NBC News acquired tape excerpts of his remarks where Trump took credit for a number of gains conservative religious leaders wanted. He also warned all of that will be lost if Democrats retake control of Congress. Trump called the opposition "violent people" who might use violence to undo his gains.

"They will overturn everything that we've done and they'll do it quickly and violently, and violently,” he reportedly said. “There's violence. When you look at Antifa and you look at some of these groups — these are violent people."

Interestingly, Trump took credit for the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, which bans churches and charities from participating in campaigns. He actually said it during his released remarks - and apparently during the "closed-door" comments as well. Something Congress tried to repeal last year, but failed. Maybe he didn’t get the memo? "Now one of the things I'm most proud of is getting rid of the Johnson Amendment," the president told the group. "That was a disaster for you."

Trump’s remarks about the Johnson amendment aren’t new. It’s a claim he’s made before, but have been proven as incorrect – at least as it relates to a matter of law. What IS true is that the President, through executive order, has directed the Treasury Department to reduce enforcement…but it also hasn’t been consistently enforced for a long while.

Source: NBC

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