“Riverdale’s” Season 3 Trailer Is Here

Fans of “Riverdale” are finally getting a sneak peek at what’s to come next season. The first teaser trailer for Season three of the show has dropped, and it spells out trouble for more than just Archie.

The clip starts off where Season two left off, with KJ Apa’s Archie in handcuffs after being falsely pinned for murder. But it looks like he isn’t locked up for long, since he’s soon shown lying in bed with his girlfriend, Camila Mendes’ Veronica. Speaking of Veronica, she’s shown yelling at her dad Hiram, played by Mark Consuelos, “We will survive whatever you have planned, because we are endgame!”

Things take a dark turn towards the end of the teaser, when some spooky, cult-like imagery flashes briefly on screen. It looks like there’s a new villain in town, too, since Jughead (played by Cole Sprouse) is shown screaming for help in the woods.

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