Chargers Bring Back Franchise Legend Antonio Gates

Turns out when the Chargers released legendary tight end Antonio Gates in late April, they were actually doing him a favor—because what they basically did was give him the entire summer off.

That’s because when they informed the then 37-year-old Gates they wouldn’t be re-signing him it was due to the fact that they were handing the job over to third year man Hunter Henry.

Or should I say the “then healthy third year man Hunter Henry,” as, less than a month later, Henry was lost for the year with a torn ACL.

Fast forward to Sunday, and the Chargers signed Gates back to bolster what is a very depleted tight end group. It’s a one-year deal for Gates, who rejoins the team he’s been with since his career began in 2003.

And while the now 38-year-old Gates isn’t the tight end he used to be, he can certainly pick up where he left off with QB Philip Rivers who has been throwing him passes since 2006.

In his Hall of Fame worthy career, Gates has caught 927 passes for 11,508 yards and 114 touchdowns. Those aren’t just great numbers for a tight end. Those are all-time great numbers even among receivers.

And it is so good to see him wearing the only uniform he ever has.

The Chargers begin their season against the Chiefs next weekend.

Source: CBS Sports

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