Elway Admits His Mistake, Cuts Former 1st Round QB Paxton Lynch

You would think a guy that easily one of the greatest QB’s ever to play the game, would know what a great young QB looks like—or even a mediocre one at that.

But let’s face it, since Hall Of Fame QB John Elway has taken over the Broncos—the only Hall the young QB’s he has drafted would be fit for is the old sitcom “The Kids In The Hall.”

Because they have been hilarious.

In fact, when Elway did have a proven QB it was first ballot Hall of Famer Peyton Manning—with whom he won a Super Bowl—meaning he rally should be working on drafting a star.

Instead you can add one more cast member to these kids who will never be in the hall just under Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton, Trevor Siemian, and Brock Osweiler.

And that latest disaster is Paxton Lynch after Elway and the Broncos parted ways with former first-round pick on Sunday basically replacing him with QB Kevin Hogan who they claimed off waivers from Washington.

It’s quite the fall for Lynch, and an even bigger gaffe for Elway, who traded a third-round pick and swapped firsts with Seattle to move up five spots and select Lynch out of Memphis with the 26th overall pick in 2016.

Lynch was supposed to lead the Broncos back to the playoffs. Instead he ends his Denver career with just five games under his belt, a 61.7 completion percentage, 847 total yards, four touchdowns, four interceptions and four fumbles.


Source: Yahoo! Sports

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