Woman Defends Dipping Chicken In Soda After Video Goes Viral


A woman is defending herself after going viral for committing a food crime against chicken tenders. As we showed you yesterday, a woman was caught on camera at the U.S. Open dipping her chicken fingers in soda before taking a bite.

The video quickly spread all over the Internet, with some people on Twitter joking that she should be put in jail. That woman is Alexa Greenfield – and she says she does it with good reason: to cool them off. She says she’s done it since she was a kid – and admits that it's weird, but enjoys the taste. “I do think it is gross and it definitely sounds gross so I totally get where they are coming from,” she admits. “I almost judge the people that are defending me more so.”

And by the way? She also had an inkling of what was coming her way right after it was captured by cameras. “I got a text five minutes later from a friend that said, ‘I just saw you dipping a chicken finger in Coke on TV,’ and I was like, Oh noooo’.”

Source: TMZ

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