Good News: “Dancing Doc” Cheers Up Young Hospital Patients

Tony Adkins, a physician assistant in the neurology department at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County in California has earned himself a nickname at work. They call him the “Dancing Doc” because he brings smiles and happiness to his young patients when he comes in to bust a move with them.

Adkins gets the kids up and dancing with him if they can, or he entertains the ones who aren’t able to move on their own. For some of the kids, it’s the first time they’ve laughed or had any fun in days because they’re enduring procedures, tests, and conditions. He says he started dancing for and with his patients about a year ago when he saw it’s the only way to make them ‘feel like kids again.” Now he gets requests from the little ones and their parents.

“Tony lights up every room he walks into. A kid who hasn’t smiled in days, smiles,” explains nurse Trisha Stockton. “What Tony is dealing with everyday is the saddest news. He’s able to turn that around and make it into something so beautiful and positive.”

Keep up the good work, Dancing Doc!

Source: The Orange County Register

Keith and Tony


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