Instagram Users Criticize Jessica Biel’s Son’s Long Hair

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Instagrammers are pretty concerned about how Jessica Biel lets her son style his hair. 

The comments on a photo she recently posted of little Silas are flooded with haters criticizing his long locks. “I thought it was a girl,” writes one user. “Please explain to me why a mother like yourself won’t cut your little boys hair??” complains another. 

Neither Biel nor her husband Justin Timberlake have responded to the haters

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Here’s to my amazing father who taught me not to be afraid of anything! To be strict and diligent about personal discipline and integrity, who loves me desperately and nurtured all my childhood and adulthood dreams. And to my husband who I watch with awe everyday as he guides and teaches, encourages and supports, and above all, LOVES the sh$t, out of his own young man. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. We can’t do this parenting thing without you.

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Do we look European? Because we sure feel European! Summer, please never end... thank you #MOTWtour for such an incredible adventure.

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