Report: Browns Still Considering Signing Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant left his visit to Cleveland a couple weeks back without a contract, but the two sides could still hammer something out eventually, according to one source.

Apparently the two sides could begin talking again after Week 1 due to the vested veterans guarantee date that’s part of the CBA. Under the rules, any veteran on a roster at the start of Week 1 has his contract guaranteed for the entire season. After Week 1, only 25% of the players contract is guaranteed if he were to be released.

It makes sense the Browns would be concerned about this due to it being a somewhat risky signing that is far from a guarantee to work out. If Bryant arrived in Cleveland and immediately began clashing in the locker room, they very well might have to end up cutting him.

Browns GM John Dorsey says, “it’s a week-to-week thing. Who’s to say I won’t call Dez on Tuesday and see how it’s going.” It was reported earlier that the Browns had offered Bryant a little bit under $5M in salary for 2018, far less than Bryant was seeking. It’s possible the Browns will be willing to increase their offer once they no longer have to pay 100-percent of it if things don’t go smoothly. One way or another, we should know more very soon, as the start of the regular season is just days away.


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