GB 24 CHI 23: Rodgers Rebounds In Greatest Packer Comeback Ever

When the highest paid player in the history of the NFL left the game after playing less than one half of the first game of the season—there was concern all over America’s DairyLand.

But by the third quarter, when Packers QB Aaron Rodgers returned—and threw three touchdown passes—to lead Green Bay to a thrilling 24-23 victory.

Things were not only better—they were better than ever.

And by that, I mean—it was the biggest fourth quarter comeback in the history of the Packers—one of the oldest teams in the NFL.

Not only that—the game appeared to be all but over before Rogers hit this amazing completion to Randall Cobb for this 75-yard TD pass with just over two minutes left in the game.

On this play alone, Rogers proved why he may be the best player ever to sling a football.

Source: ESPN

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