Homecoming Queen Gets The Game Winning Field Goal For Her High School

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"I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be homecoming queen, but I was pretty sure I was going to make that kick." Kaylee Foster was crowned homecoming queen of Ocean Springs High School just before Friday night's football game. She then put on her football uniform and later kicked the winning extra point to lead her team to a 13-12 victory. #extrapoint #homecoming #queen #highschoolfootball #mississippi

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The homecoming queen at one Mississippi high school is also the game-winning football hero.

Kaylee Foster traded in her tiara for a helmet Friday night at Ocean Springs High School and kicked the winning point in a 13-12 overtime victory. Foster's primarily a soccer player but has been kicking for the football team since her sophomore year. She also kicked two field goals during the game, giving her the majority of the points.

Foster said she initially taught herself to kick a football by watching videos online and has improved her game thanks to her coaches and teammates.

Fun fact, she had just been crowned before the game winning kick.

Source: ABC 11

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