Instagram Trend: Pineapple Boobs


There have been some wacky trends on Instagram this summer, and this latest one is making sure that we really go out with a bang. Introducing: pineapple boobs. It’s a trend going around Instagram that has girls posing half naked holding pineapples over their boobs. Sound a little crazy? The amount of ladies doing it is even crazier.

The weather is juuust about to get cooler – but if you wanted to nail a final summer pose for the ‘gram, you might want to strip down and grab the nearest fruit. Everyone from celebrities to bloggers to your one friend from high school is posing shirtless for the pineapple trend. And it doesn’t stop at just pineapples, either. Ladies are using peaches, coconuts, and lychees to complete the photos.

You can even check out some of the influencers doing the pose HERE

Source: The Tab

Keith and Tony


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