Is Meghan Preggers? Mom Doria Spotted Taking Nanny Classes

We previously reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became dog parents. Could it be that they’re practicing for the real thing? there are reports Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland has been taking nannying classes recently.

Rumors have been swelling online that the Royal couple are trying for a baby, and it’s only further helped by a source’s claim that mommy Doria has been taking “newborn care specialist classes” with the Cradle Company in Los Angeles, California.

As we told you before that Doria is preparing to move to London to be closer to her Meghan -  though no date has been set for her move as yet. And since the source adds that Meghan doesn’t really want to have to hire staff to take care of her firstborn, it only seems fit that she would invite the baby’s grandmother to help out. Sooo....maybe?!

With all of the trouble dad Thomas Markle has been stirring up with the press, having the support of her mother and the Royals is probably what Meghan needs most right now. And according to the source, Doria is ready and willing to fill that role. “While Doria likes her own life and freedom she also wants to be there for her daughter and future grandchild,” the source adds.

Source: Daily Star

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