WATCH: Orioles Pitcher David Hess Drilled in Face By Football In Warmups


If you think the Orioles are bad at baseball—you should see them try to play football.

I guess after amassing the worst record in baseball with triple digit losses, they thought they’d try another sport Friday night.

At least pitcher David Hess did—with even more catastrophic results.

Watch as Hess was playing catch while warming up on the field before the game—with a football, not a baseball—as the ball sails through his hands and drills him right in the face… leaving him with a black eye.

Of course, maybe it’s fitting since the rays would go on to put a football score up on O’s, beating them by a score of 14-2.

Seems like the entire Orioles team is a black eye at this point.

Source; The Sports Daily

Keith and Tony


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