Student Sweats Blood While Studying For Exams

Every student knows the struggle of studying for finals, but one girl from Vietnam’s studies have her stressing so hard she’s literally sweating blood.

The unnamed girl from the Dak Doa district is believed to be suffering from Hematidrosis after noticing her blood sweat symptoms. Patients with the condition tend to have abnormally high adrenaline levels, so when they get stressed out or have an anxiety attack their blood pressure can jump so high that they start to sweat… and that sweat can come out as blood due to ruptured blood vessels.

The hospital director at Quy Hoa National Leprosy Dermatology Hospital claims that only one in 10-million people suffer from the strange condition. The good news is that the condition isn’t life-threatening, it’s just uncomfortable.

As for treatment, the doctor recommends Vitamin C or antidepressants to manage stress and anxiety, although the results haven’t really been defined.

Source: Daily Mail

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