Shawn Mendes Cuts Face In Scooter Accident

Shawn Mendes is sporting some bruises on his pretty face, and they’re the result of a scooter accident.

The singer initially shocked fans by showing off the bruises on Instagram, and later shared that the accident happened in Nashville, telling “USA Today” he made the mistake of looking behind him while he was riding his scooter. As for why his face sustained the most injuries, he apparently chose to fall face first in order to save his guitar-playing hand for his taping of “CMT Crossroads” with Zac Brown Band.

And while you may think that would keep someone from ever riding a scooter again, Shawn admits, “I rode it back to the hotel!,” explaining, "It has nothing to do with the scooter. It has everything to do with being an idiot, (and) being 20. If anybody asked me if they should ride them, I would say yes."

Source: USA Today

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