Wendy’s Worker Praised For Helping Blind Customers

While lots of fast food workers are just watching the clock and waiting for their shift to end, an employee at a Wendy’s in New Mexico went out of his way to help a couple of blind customers enjoy their meal. Cindy Griswold was eating at the Albuquerque restaurant when she saw Richard Wise-Attwood go “the extra mile” to assist two blind diners.

Griswold was so moved by Wise-Attwood’s kindness that she shared the story on Facebook and now he’s being recognized for going the extra mile for those customers. She describes how the worker seated the couple at a table, brought their food and positioned it so they knew where everything was and checked on them several times to make sure they had everything they needed.

The story has gone viral and Wise-Attwood has earned lots of praise for his kind gesture. He says the customers didn’t ask for help and that he just did it because he knew they needed it. Wendy’s recognizes what a stellar employee they have in him and will be honoring him with gifts and a celebration at his restaurant soon.

Source: Today

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