Julie Chen Explains Her Position With ONE Word

Any questions about where Julie Chen is standing last night in regards to her husband, former CBS honcho Les Moonves, were answered during the “Big Brother” broadcast.

And not be cause she made any special statement. Instead, she uttered one word: Moonves. As in, when she signed off…it was as ‘Julie Chen Moonves’ – the married last name she’s never used publicly. As you might’ve guessed, the Twitterverse has exploded in response (a few of their tweets are below) – and it’s overwhelmingly negative.

While it makes sense that Chen has returned to the “Big Brother” stage – as contestants inside have no clue what’s happening outside their world – the big question about Chen’s return to “The Talk” remains. While none of her colleagues commented on the sign-off at press time, they’ve all been pretty open – and against – Mr. Moonves this week. Perhaps we’ll have a better idea when the show airs this afternoon.

Source: Variety

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