Antonio Brown Responds ‘Trade Me Let’s Find Out’ To Critical Tweet


Antonio Brown lit up Twitter yesterday with his response to a former Steelers public relations staff member who was critical of the wide receiver’s importance to the team’s offense.

“Trade me let’s find out,” Brown tweeted.

The response was directed to Ryan Scarpino, who worked for the Steelers from 2010-17 and tweeted about Brown and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Monday: “AB needs to thank his lucky stars, because he was drafted by a team that had Ben. And Ben got AB paid. You know darn well he wouldn’t put up those numbers for other teams.”

While a Steelers employee, Scarpino was inside the locker room daily and had interactions with players.

Brown was not present during media availability Monday afternoon. After Sunday’s 42-37 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, he left the locker room before the media entered.

Brown posted 67 receiving yards on nine catches and 17 targets, but the CBS broadcast caught Brown in a confrontation with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner on the sideline. Later in the game, Fichtner spent a few minutes speaking to Brown alone on the bench, then rubbing his head.

Maybe he should be rubbing a rabbit’s foot because Antonio Brown can’t win the games on his own.

Source: ESPN

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