Steelers Remove Le’Veon Bell From Active Roster Amid Holdout


If you don’t have holdout Le’Veon Bell on your fantasy roster, you shouldn’t feel too special.

Because it turns out the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t even have them on their actual roster.

And I’m not talking about last week, when the team removed the star running back Le’Veon Bell from the team’s depth chart.

I am talking about this week, when “El Bell” was removed him from Pittsburgh’s active roster.

If you go to the team’s website and look at its roster page, you’ll notice there is no Number 26 under the active section. Bell should be sandwiched in between Artie Burns and Marcus Allen, but he’s not there.

Bell’s name hasn’t completely disappeared from the page, though. If you scroll down, you’ll find him under the “Reserve/Franchise Player” section.

Of course, that’s what they have to say.

Pretty sure they team is using another word to describe him that also begins with “F.”

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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