Report: Bucs Plan To Stick With Fitzpatrick

Apparently when quarterback Jameis Winston returns tomorrow from his three-game suspension, the team is going to use him exactly like they did before his suspension.

By putting him where he needs to be to help the team win.

Thing is they seemed to have realized he is less suited to be under center and more suited for understudy…to current starter Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick replaced Winston to start the season and has basically won the starting job by winning a pair games that no one expected the team to have a chance in—beating the New Orleans Saints and then defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Which is why—according to Jay Glazer of FOX—Winston will not be reinstalled as the starter as the Bucs will stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick instead.

And really, it’s not just the W’s in the first three weeks, it’s the timing for Week Four as the Bucs will have only five days to get ready for a trip to Chicago, with a bye week coming after that.

Glazer adds this caveat: Fitzpatrick will get yanked if he does “something dramatically bad.” For now, he has done only dramatically good things for the Buccaneers, winning the NFC offensive player of the week award in consecutive weeks.

So why hasn’t the team officially announced it yet?

Well, God—and Tampa Bay forbid—if something happens to Fitz-magic tonight, the team can act like they never abandoned him.

But believe me, if Fitzpatrick is healthy come tomorrow—and especially if he leads the team to a third straight win—the team will abandon the ship that is Winston.

Relax, I said “ship.”

Source: NBC Sports


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