Maren Morris Pulls End-Of-Tour Prank On Niall Horan

Niall Horan wrapped his “Flicker” tour this weekend, with his opener Maren Morris pulling off an epic end-of-the tour prank.  Maren shared video of her crashing Niall’s performance of “Slow Hands,” wearing oversized Mickey Mouse gloves, which caused Niall to break out into laughter.

“Last night we wrapped the Flicker tour and I got to showcase my one year of dancing experience from the 2nd grade that clearly panned out,” Maren writes on Instagram. “@niallhoran, we love you because you’re a true artist and you let your light + humor take everyone on a journey each show. The team you’ve built is magical and was so welcoming to us all summer. Now get some rest!”

Source: Maren Morris

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