Boy Thought To Be Nonverbal Can Finally Talk, Thanks To A Dentist


These days Mason Motz is a chatterbox and it still surprises his mom sometimes because for the first five years of his life, the Texas boy hardly said a word. He was born with Sotos Syndrome, a genetic condition characterized by a distinctive facial appearance and learning disabilities or delayed development of mental abilities and movement. Mason had struggles ranging from sleep apnea to choking at almost every meal, leaving him frustrated and his parents heartbroken.

But a visit to a dentist who treats children with special needs changed Mason’s life. The six-year-old went to see Dr. Amy Luedemann-Lazar and she discovered he had a tongue-tie. Officially known as an ankyloglossia, a tongue-tie is a condition kids can be born with where a short or tight band of tissue connects the tip of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, restricting the range of motion.

Mason had been in speech therapy since he was about a year old, but no one ever checked under his tongue to find the problem. After the dentist did a quick laser treatment to release his tongue-tie, the change was pretty much immediate. His mom says it’s like night and day - he was talking within 12 hours, doesn’t have choking issues anymore, sleeps better because he no longer has sleep apnea, and loves singing.

“Identifying the tongue-tie and then walking him through the process of rehabilitating the tongue function has been amazing,” Dr. Luedemann-Lazar explains. “He is bright and has so much to say after years of not being able to communicate what was in his heart and in his head.”

Source: Inside Edition

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